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Aeolus Gate

Aelous Gate. Thirteen runestones assembled in a circle with a swirling purple vortex in the center.


The Aeolus Gates are scattered across the Three Realms and allow for teleportation from gate to gate. Anything that extends outside of the wall of light as the gate transports everything between the runestones will be severed. 


When the gate is activated, a purple vortex appears on the ground in the center of the runestones as purple light erupts, forming circular walls. A loud whirring sound emits from the portal. The light blocks all sight from outside the circle. The same thing occurs at the arriving gate. From the users’ perspective, the purple light surrounds them, obstructing their view as the whirring noise deafens all other sounds. As the purple light and whirring noise fade, the user finds their surroundings have changed to wherever it is they have arrived.


The gates comprise thirteen runestones, each with a specific marking and enchantment. To use a gate, one must posses an Aeolus Medallion. These medallions are enchanted and allow the user to activate the gate by merely thinking of where they would like to go. Only the Immortal Warrior knows the specifics of the enchantment needed to create the runestones. However, the Immortal Warrior has spent thousands of years creating gates and hiding them throughout the Three Realms, as well as creating a surplus of enchanted runes for future use. Once someone has the runestones, forming the gate is quite simple. All that is required is laying the runestones out in a circle in the correct order.

The runes on the gates are written in the ancient Shagin language and comprise a poem. The first two runes provide the name of the poem: “The Lover’s Ballad,” while on the other ten are written: “Fly on the wings of the wind, united together, outcasts no more.”

Whoever holds the medallion must be inside the gate, and it is their thought that chooses the destination.


The gates must be placed in a location connected to land. Therefore, while they will work on the top floor of a large tower, they will not work on a ship at sea. The gates are small and only allow for a few people to pass through at a time, usually no more than three or four people can fit within the circle at once.

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