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The Bearer of the Seed - Setting


Shagin refers to both the people and the land in which they dwell. Situated far to the east past the Saduyol Mountains of Pasonnia, Shagin is a heavily forested area of thick jungles. Scattered throughout the Latari Forest are the towns and villages of Shagin. The people there resisted the Immortal Warrior's claim to rule and refused to abandon their religion. As a result, the new Guardian sentenced the people to suffer a "peaceful" death. The Immortal Warrior cursed them to no longer bear male offspring and prohibited them from passing beyond the mountains. 


However, Shagin proved far more resourceful and hardy than he imagined. The people survived and thrived in their home. His next attempt to eradicate them was far more successful.


Following the Shagin Purge, the remains of the forest nation are mostly ruins. A few of the villages such as Sumar and Anuatu have been rebuilt. The Guardian has claimed the area and new settlers have begun to populate the region.

Shagin map

The Temple of Lasan

The Temple of Lasan is Shagin’s most sacred place. It is situated at the capital of Koruzeru. During the Shagin Purge, the temple was repurposed as a prison and death camp.

The first floor of the temple housed the School of Preparation. When Shagin came of age, they would often go on Pilgrimage to the outside nations. As the act of leaving the forest was illegal and punishable by death, it was necessary to prepare Shagin for their travels and to aid with blending in to whatever nation they visited. This was the primary function of the school.

Also on the first floor were the chambers where the Elders and the Furies meet. Three libraries housed the most important tomes of magic and history. At the center of the floor was the sanctuary. The various councils would convene here.

The basement comprised the School of Shagin. Knowledge was one of the most important factors in ensuring Shagin survival. As such, education was of the utmost importance. Shagin children would attend various schools in the different towns. Among all the schools, none was more prestigious as the School of Shagin.

The second floor was where the Archons and Council of Scholars met. It also housed the School of Scholars, where those seeking knowledge at any age or stage in life would go to learn.

The third floor comprised only one room, the Chamber of Seers. The seers were given special recognition for their abilities and regarded as advisors. In the chamber was a secret entrance to the fourth floor.

The fourth floor, hidden above the Chamber of Seers, was the Chamber of the Bearer. This room housed all knowledge of the Seed. Upon calling, each bearer would visit this chamber and study their legacy. Shagin were tasked with keeping the Seed safe, and its protection and secrecy is of utmost importance.

Lasan (1st floor)
Lasan (2nd floor)
Llasan (3rd floor)
Lasan (4th floor)
Lasan (basement)
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