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Records of the Three Realms

The Age of Chaos

1 Chaos
The Cataclysm

The Cataclysm and formation of the Three Realms.

156 Chaos 7/17
The Birth of the Immortal Warrior

171 Chaos
The Immortal Warrior is Called as Champion

The Immortal Warrior is chosen as Champion of Talus and Prophet of the Triune. He begins his forty years of isolation and training.

211 Chaos 8/12
The Immortal Warrior's victory over Karolus and end of the Kosmian War

The Immortal Warrior defeats the juggernaut Karolus, ending the war between Attia and Laarly. Laaryl comes under control of Attia. Attia now controls the entire continent of Kosmia.

211 Chaos 12/21
Creation of the triune Concordant and the Formation of the Niwendian Empire

The Emperor of Attia pledges loyalty to the Immortal Warrior and signs the Triune Concordant, reforming his empire into the Empire of Niwend. The first realm comes under control of the Immortal Warrior.

212 Chaos 4/6 -
345 Chaos 8/9
The Conquest of Adgul

The Immortal Warrior leads the forces of Niwend in his conquest of the Realm of Adgul. By the end of the conquest, all major civilizations in the realm are under the Immortal Warrior's control. The Triune Concordant is amended to include the new realm.

345 Chaos 5/3 -
411 Chaos 7/19
The Conquest of Terra

The Immortal Warrior begins the conquest of the Realm of Terra. However, unlike Adgul, which consisted of relatively small civilizations and city-states, the large nations of Terra - when unified in defense - are able to hold the Immortal Warrior’s forces at bay. The Immortal Warrior decides the best course of action is not to subdue the Terran nations by force, but through diplomatic means. One by one, he convinces the nations to submit to him for their own self-interests.

411 Chaos 7/19
The Formation of the Terran Union

The remainder of the Terran nations sign the amended Triune Concordant. The Terran Union is formed, and all three realms fall under the Immortal Warrior's control.

The Golden Age
1-9999 GA
1 GA 1/1
Beginning of the Golden Age

The Terran Union is officially formed, solidifying the Immortal Warrior's reign of the Three Realms and the start of the Golden Age.

The Noble Age
1 NA and Beyond
1 NA 1/1
Beginning of the Noble Age

To celebrate the start of the decem millennium, the Noble Age is declared - celebrating the success and supremacy of the Immortal Warrior.

535 - 539 NA
The Mylian Civil War

The five tribes of the kingdom of Mylia splinter over cultural and religious differences. The Mylia tribe invades the other tribes as all out civil war breaks out. The Immortal Warrior orders Legato, the Sage of Terra, to end the conflict. The conflict comes to an end when the Guardian's forces massacre the Korok tribe and threaten to do the same to the other unless they surrender to the Mylians.

539 NA 11/2
The Sovereign Alliance is formed

In response to the Korok Massacre, many nations in the Terran Union declare their independence from the Immortal Warrior and form the Sovereign Alliance to defend themselves from retribution.

540 - 546 NA
The Sovereign War
546 NA 2/5
The Birth of Kari
546 NA 12/19 - 547 3/29
The Shagin Purge
563 NA 3/8 - 5/23
Events of
"The Songstress"
563 NA 7/5 - 8/26
Events of
"The Bearer of the Seed"
565 NA
Events of 
"The Lady of Light"
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