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Void Gate

Void Gate. A large stone archway shining a purple light and creating a portal between two locations.


When the world was split into three realms, cracks within reality formed like seams on a quilt. At the focal point of these cracks are small micro-tears in the veil separating the three pocket dimensions.  


The Void Gates were constructed at the site of these schisms. They serve two primary functions:

1) They maintain the veil, preventing the cracks from spreading.
2) They can create a portal, allowing for large-scale travel between the Realms.


Because of their size, the Void Gates are used for transporting large groups of people or goods from one realm to the next.


The void gates are large, solid stone structures standing at approximately 65 feet tall with a base of comparable width. They taper towards the top, coming to a width of a little over 20 feet. The gates are rather ornate, and are made of bricks and mortar, as well as stone carvings. The structures are interlaced with dalium and enchanted similar to that of Aeolus Gates. When the gates are open, the opening is approximately 20 feet across.


Much like the Aeolus Gates, the Void Gates require an Aeolus Medallion to activate. However, the user does not have to pass through the gate, nor can they choose the destination. When activated, the gate makes a booming sound like rolling thunder as it opens. Purple light erupts from the top of the gate, and the center mass of the structure vanishes, revealing the realm beyond. The purple light shines so long as the gate is open. Purple sparkles fill the air around the opening. So long as the gate is open, anyone can pass through to the other realm. The gate will stay open until the next sunset, unless closed with an Aeolus Medallion. While the gate is activated, the front of the gate is open to the other realm, the back of the gate remains solid stone.

Gate Linkage

The gates are interconnected and linked to a specific corresponding gate. There are two gates within each realm, one connecting to each of the other realms. In Adgul, the gates are at Aden and Drakon. In Terra, they are at Justia and Prudentia. And in Niwend, they are at Telaryl and Kavala.


The Void Gates link in the following way:

Drakon <> Justia; Prudentia <> Kavala;  Telaryl<> Aden

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