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Of The

Three Realms

The Annals of Skorne

I am the champion of the hated —

the embodiment of scorn.


Through the abyss of the veil lies knowledge beyond imagination. Steam powered mechanisms, flying vessels, and medical marvels flood Baldric’s mind. The banished prince is joined by his beloved, and the information they obtain could revolutionize humanity and bring forth a new age. If only they possessed the means to make it a reality.


The sole hope of forging the new age requires his submission to the Guardian who has spent the last ten thousand years maintaining stability with an iron fist. Following the Guardian’s massacre of the Koroks, the world erupts into chaos as nations rebel against his authority.


It is a fruitless effort as the Guardian possesses overwhelming numbers. The only hope for survival lies in the resolve of the banished prince who maneuvers his way into the Guardian’s top echelon. Baldric must peer further into the abyss, if he is to prevent another massacre and forge the new age.

The Annals of Skorne Cover


Book Info

Series: Records of the Three Realms
Standalone Novella
Available Formats: Paperback and eBook
Length: 141 pages; 33,000 words


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