The Bearer of the Seed - Character List



Full Name: Hikari Daughter of Eanna

                  Empress Regnant Xiaoxiannu

Age: 17

     Mother: Eanna Daughter of Beata

     Father: Okawa Nobuhiro

     Brother: Ronin


Bio: Kari was born 546 NA in Valceem, Xiang at the tail end of the Sovereign War. She was only a few months old when the Guardian of the Three Realms declared Shagin an enemy of humanity and the Shagin Purge began. Kari and her mother were Shagin, and to keep her daughter safe, Eanna fled with the few survivors to the sacred island, Mystikos. There Kari grew up, learning to harness her innate magical abilities. When Kari came of age at thirteen, she was banished from Mystikos and forced to return to the mainland.

She returned to her birthplace, hoping to find the father she never knew. However, she, along with her friend Suying, were conscripted into the imperial harem. In order to survive and protect her friends, she sacrificed her own wellbeing and turned the imperial brothers against each other. In one final duel, she defeated the peerless Jiaorong and assumed the imperial throne as Empress Regnant Xiaoxiannu.

Her brief reign has already been filled with controversy and dissent as traditionalists with the courts question the rule of a young woman. To make matters worse, Legato, the Guardian of the Three Realms has increased pressure on Xiang to provide an answer to Kari’s crime of existing.



Full Name: Tachikawa Inahime

Age: 18

     Sister: Emiko


Bio: Ina was born to a family of wealth and privilege. Her father was a well-respected doctor and healer. All of that changed when her father became sick and died. The healer could not heal himself. 

To care for the family, it was Ina’s sister Emiko that first joined the harem. However, she too passed away and Ina was selected to replace her. Ina resigned herself to her fate. However, her fate would change upon befriending Kari.


The two have become very close since the ordeal with the imperial brothers. As one of Kari's closest friends and ally, she stands ready to face the future and any challenges that come.



Full Name: Okawa "Ronin"

Age: 29


     Mother: Eanna Daughter of Beata

     Father: Okawa Nobuhiro

     Sister: Kari


Bio: Ronin serves as the third captain of the Kitsuno Kai, tasked with routing out all who threaten Xiang. He shares the same father as Kari, and was even raised by Kari’s birth mother. However, at the start of the Shagin Purge, Eanna fled with Kari.


When he came of age, he ran away from home, spending over a month living in the wilderness. When he returned, he cast off his birth name and adopted the name Ronin.


By chance, Ronin and Kari were reunited, and now he serves as her protector.



Full Name: Ilyia Daughter of Despoina

                   Champion of Shagin

Age: 47


Bio: Ilyia was a prodigy from birth, gifted with powerful spirit energy and the skill to use it. Her martial prowess earned her a fierce reputation, and she became the youngest Champion of Shagin ever. 

As Champion, she led Shagin’s warriors to defend their people. However, her youth and naivety led to the fateful decision to ignore the wishes of the elders and join the Sovereign War. The elders branded those that followed her as Renegades. It was their involvement in the war which provided the Guardian with the justification to eradicate them.

Ilyia rallied the defenses and made one last desperate stand against the Guardian’s forces at Koruzeru. However, the weight of the world was too much to hold at bay, and Shagin fell.

She desires nothing more than to restore her people and to right the wrongs of the past.



Full Name: Aura Daughter of Minerva

Age: 40





Bio: The Furies serve as the leaders of Shagin’s Warriors. They were all elite warriors with powerful magic and abilities. Aura is no different. Cursed with one of the deadliest talents to be discovered, her body produces various toxins and poisons - whether or not she wants to.

This can make the very act of touching her a lethal experience. She can also harness these poisons into a mixture of powders and liquids.

A childhood friend of Ilyia’s, she followed Ilyia on the martial path. Despite her powers and chosen profession, she is a kindhearted and caring woman who would do anything to protect those she cares about.



Full Name: Artemis Daughter of Pherenike

Age: 42





Bio: For the Furies, none were more fierce than the blood-knight Artemis. There are those who believe she possessed the spirit of a goddess of war. For her prowess, she was gifted the Shadow Sword.

She led the Renegades at the battle of Akashvani, and did the impossible. Despite the overwhelming odds and being outnumbered twelve to one, she held the Coalition Forces at bay for six days and almost broke through their center line. It was only the arrival of the Guardian on the field that changed the tide of battle.

Artemis fought against the Immortal Warrior. His flames proved too powerful, and Artemis nearly succumbed to her wounds. She survived with severe burns and scars over her entire body. 

Her passion for vengeance burns hotter than the flames that incinerated her flesh.



Full Name: Chaska Daughter of Qamra

Age: 48

           Mother: Qamra Daughter of Haman

           Daughter: Daughter of Chaska



Bio: Chaska became a warrior, more out of a sense of duty to her people that a desire to fight. However, battle came naturally, and she enjoyed the pursuit of power and strength. Refining her skills became an obsession. 

She returned from pilgrimage just before the start of the Sovereign War. It was the birth of her daughter that convinced her to fight. She had to make a better world for her. However, like most, her daughter died in the Purge.

Chaska carries the sorrow of her choices with her on her quest to forge a new age.



Full Name: Vipin Gurwara

Age: 44







Before the Shagin Purge, before the Sovereign War, there was the Cavalian Civil War. The five tribes that comprised Cavalia fell into chaos over their differing beliefs. It was the Mylians who wielded the most power and believed the other tribes should follow them. They hid their aggression under the guise of their religion.


The Guardian had long ago declared the Triune as the only true gods. All others were forbidden to worship. The Mylians used this to justify the war of subjugation. They committed horrible atrocities against the other tribes. When the Guardian intervened, no one knew how he was going to react, as he had also outlawed the very notion of war.

Ultimately, he sided with the Mylians. He gave the other tribes an ultimatum, submit or be exterminated. When they refused, he annihilated the Koroks, and the other three tribes surrendered. 

This event would then ignite the Sovereign War.

Vipin is a surviving member of the Koroks. Although, surviving wouldn’t be an accurate word. Through dark magic, he has returned as a phantom and allied himself with the Furies in their quest to defeat the Guardian.



Full Name: Legato “The Illegitimate” Pierpont

Age: 52





Bio: The Immortal Warrior served as Guardian of the Three Realms for over ten thousand years. He was given the Immortal Blade, which elongated his lifespan. However, following the Sovereign War - in a failed attempt to maintain power - he allowed himself to stand trial for the atrocities he had ordered committed and was executed. Though many believe that the Immortal Blade - which has gone missing - is tied to his return.

Legato, the former Sage of Terra and the Immortal Warrior’s apprentice, assumed the role as Guardian. However, without the Immortal Blade and the blessings of the gods, he has been labeled “the Illegitimate.” He desires nothing more than to prove his mettle. 

To secure his power, he has proven to be far more cruel and vicious than the Immortal Warrior. Kari’s life is an insult to his rule. A Shagin who lives is nothing more than a direct challenge to his authority. He will stop at nothing than to finish the Purge and demonstrate to the world that he is the true Guardian.



Full Name: Falcon

Age: 24






Bio: Falcon is the leader of the Thunder Five, a group of hunters under the direct control of the Guardian. He uses them for capture, assassination, sabotage, infiltration, and destruction. Each member of the Thunder Five is a wanted fugitive and infamous criminal, and Falcon is no different. A master swordsman and expert tracker, he will stop at nothing to apprehend his target.



Full Name: Athena "The Valkyrie" Fernsby

Age: 26





Bio: Trained from birth to be the ultimate soldier, Athena possesses enhanced strength, speed, and durability. Her innate magical talent allows her to absorb the essence and strength of those she kills. Having deserted her army and joined the Thunder Five, she now follows the orders of the Guardian.



Full Name: Warren ?

Age: 20






Bio: A strange young man with mysterious origins. Warren appears to provide aid, but his true goals and abilities remain unknown.



Full Name: Carina Daughter of Sen

Age: 21





Bio: Carina was born in an unfortunate time. She returned from her pilgrimage just before the start of the Shagin Purge. Unable to escape the eradication of Shagin, Carina became swept up in the chaos and became one of the genocide's many victims. She died in 546 NA.

Cai Ren

Cai Ren.png

Full Name: High Chancellor Cai Ren

Age: 36





Bio: Cai Ren serves as the High Chancellor of Xiang. It was his actions and schemes that placed Kari in the imperial harem and on the path which lead her to end the tyranny of the Tian brothers. He serves as her advisor, though his ambition and callousness knows no bounds.