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Of The

Three Realms

The Bearer of the Seed

The only constant is that humanity will always repeat the worst of its atrocities.


The Guardian of the Three Realms declared Shagin the enemy of humanity and attempted to purge them from existence. Those who survived fled and have remained in hiding ever since. Kari, the only known remaining Shagin, has been crowned empress of Xiang. The Guardian’s hatred of her people runs deep, and every breath she takes is a crime against his rule.

To shield her from the Guardian’s wrath, a group of elite Shagin warriors known as the Furies offers her shelter in the ruins of their civilization. They plan to save what remains of their people and rebuild their once-proud nation. Only the Guardian stands in their way. 

Kari is the key that will lead him to Shagin’s sanctuary, and allow him to complete the purge. Tracked by the Guardian’s hunters, Kari must elude their vicious traps if she hopes to save her people. However, justice and vengeance intertwine, and her resulting anger risks destroying more than it saves.

The Bearer of the Seed Cover

Book ii

Book Info

Series: Records of the Three Realms
Book Number 2
Available Formats: Paperback and eBook
Length: 340 pages; 88,000 words


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CW: Blood, Corpses, Death, Decapitation, Drinking, Genocide, Gore, Rape, Suicide, Swearing, Torture, Violence, Weapons 

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